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Welcome to, your pathway to high paying and exciting jobs in the Offshore and Maritime Industry. Have you always wanted a job that is not only well paying but exciting? Do you seek adventure but would also like to have a lot of time off for yourself? If working only six months out of the year appeals to you then an offshore job in the oilfield just might be the place for you.

Captain Ron Edwards, who has many years of experience, has traded his rig job in order to help others who are seeking employment. The best way to help you get the job you desire, is to write a professional resume which is solemly created to fit oil & gas jobs on- and offshore or the maritime industry.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or if you have years of experience, if getting into, or back into, the offshore jobfield is what you want, these days, you will need a killer resume. Captain Ron and his professional resume writers are here to help you make the most of your employment history so it stands out on paper and fits the job you're hunting down.

We can either edit your resume to present yourself as good as can be on paper, or we can even write your resume from scratch. Resumes are writting including a cover letter and what is most important, we create the resume as if looking through the eyes of a recruiter. Everybody wants to pass at least the screener so their resume ends up on the employers desk, so your resume better stand out among hundreds of others.

We have give the resume something extra, which is called "The Element of Selling Yourself". That's also why every resume created by our professionals is being verified for a quality check by Captain Ron himself. We can even check your resume against current job openings, the jobs you desire or jobs that would fit you. That way, we can exactly match the requirements for the job to your resume. That's a rare service you won't find anywhere else online.

Do you already have a resume? Then let Captain Ron check it for you. He will go over your resume and give you his personal critique for free. That way, you can even work on your resume yourself to make it as good as it can be. There are no second chances in this line of work, the first impression is most important and you wouldn't want to mis out on a job, just because your resume wasn't all it could be.
Take the time to read through our website and get to know life offshore, check out the video's, read about our professional services and by all means, take the advice given to you on these website pages.

If you have any question at all, please contact us. You will always receive service and support from an actual person. Since our website is not automated, we do ask you to understand that our replies to emails and orders may take up to 48 hours.

If you need answers right away, feel free to call us by phone at number: 001-228-3920-485.

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"Ron, in regards to the resume, totally awesome, it's easy to send out. well presented and looks very business like. I will recommend your service to anyone looking for work in the oil industry. Derek M (AUS)"
I sent the online resume to Danos and Curole and sent a follow-up email to them a week later. I received a call today, asking me to come in for an interview. George C (USA)
I got a confirmation from Schlumberger that my resume has been considered after evaluation. It's made available to the entire organization for any opportunities they have. Thanks Ron. Fawad (Pakistan)
Dear Cpt. Ron, Thanks for such an impressive resume. I was contacted by Aramark Offshore yesterday and scheduled for an interview this Thursday. Chris K (USA)
I gave the resume you wrote to a rig foreman and got a roustabout job the next day. Lucky go! I head to work on the island the 24th. John (USA)
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